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At Bilyana Health Care, we are in partnership with highly distinguished hospitals in Turkey who are filled with carefully selected expert physicians in their fields.

Bilyana Healthcare is a medical tourism agency in Turkey specializing in medical treatment referrals. We act as an agent to provide information about affordable medical treatments, procedures and recovery packages. We are not medical professionals and do not offer professional medical advice however we are here to connect you with expert physicians ready to help start your health journey.

Service Overview

After receiving all necessary medical information from patients, our partnered doctors prepare patient-specific treatment plans. These plans are then analized by Bilyana HealthCare to create tailor made packages with alternative price options for patients to choose from.

The patient is welcomed at the airport by a Bilyana HealthCare representative. If the patient desires, flights can also be organized through Bilyana HealthCare. Hotel accommodation is organized with the patient beforehand during the treatment planning phase. The Bilyana HealthCare representative will accompany patients from the airport to the arranged hotel. Depending on the patients treatment schedule and approval by their physicians, an additional touristic tour program can be organized by Bilyana HealthCare.

Treatments are carried out in internationally accredited hosiptals with top doctors in their fields. Transportation for the patients to the hospital is arranged by Bilyana HealthCare on the day of treatment. A Bilyana HealthCare representative accompanies patients to all treatments and are available 24/7 so patients have no communication issues.

Once all treatments are completed, Bilyana HealthCare assists patients during discharge from the hospital.  Post-treatment details received from the health institutions will be conveyed to the patients. 

Patients will be taken to the airport by the Bilyana HealthCare representative. After returning to their home countries, patients can contact Bilyana HealthCare regarding any questions they may have and also provide a health status. If any follow-up or secondary treatments are required, the planning of that visit can organised. 


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